viernes, 12 de abril de 2013

What do you think is the role of research in improving our understanding of teaching?

Research in teaching should be understood to mean digging deep into knowledge or existing issues so as to have enough knowledge and clear understanding of the subject area. In essence, research helps teachers to interrogate aspects of their teaching practices and evaluate their students learning processes with a greater understanding of its relevance to their teaching.
Research plays a very important role and it influence teaching in many ways. In fact, teachers are always learning, finding out things, analyzing information, adapting their behavior according to information received, looking to improve and adapting to modern demands and all of this constitutes research. Teacher research also gives teachers the opportunity to develop new and different relationships with both colleagues and students.
Teachers should look at research as a way to develop new understanding about teaching, learning, and educational administration. This new knowledge has significance because it will lead to the improvement of educational practice. Research in education is crucial because teachers can improve their practice by taking the time to conduct research and should be encouraged to do so. 

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