jueves, 4 de abril de 2013

What experience do you have of learning a second or foreign language? How would you characterize the teacher's teaching method? How effective did you find it?

Learning a foreign language is a wonderful and challenging experience for almost everybody because it introduces you to a new world.

My English learning experience started when I had my first English class when I was in 6th grade, since that moment I started to like English and I became passionate about learning a new language then I started to get involved with the English world, I owe that beautiful experience to the first English teacher I had because she was a great teacher. She used features from the Audio-lingual method, the grammar translation methos and the suggestopedia, I clearly remember that she always played some music when we did an activity.
That's why I have always felt excited and motivated to learn a second language and I want to improve my language skills and also I want to learn some others languages like French, German, Italian, Portuguese,  and so on.

Also for the teachers that are teaching a foreign language it is a challenging situation because they have to adapt their teaching style to the way of learning of their students. Some of the teachers that I have had used a specific method like the direct method, the audio-lingual method, the total physical response method, and so forth. But some others have created their own way of teaching through selecting specific features from the different methods.

The main purpose of the teachers is to make their students learn, so through using one of this methods or by choosing features of them to create a unique way of teaching, they reach that purpose. Sometimes their method is effective and sometimes not, but when the method is not effective the teacher has to switch to the method that better suits the needs of the students, for example if the teacher is using the Audio-lingual method and he or she realizes that it is not suitable for the students, the teacher should change that method to another method that works better for the students.

Now that I'm doing my teaching practicum I know that I'm not tied to an specific method and I am able to choose some features from different methods that fit the most with my students in order to create my own teaching style.

Summarizing, learning a foreign language is one of the most wonderful experiences that I have lived and it is because the teachers that I have had have used an effective method that really have worked for me.


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