martes, 6 de agosto de 2013

Interesting and innovating strategies can create positive and challenging learning environment.

Teaching has to do not only with helping individuals acquire knowledge, skills and attitudes in different areas of learning but also with preparing them to be a useful and important part of the world.

The use of innovating and interesting strategies in teaching has the potential not only to improve learning, but also to empower people to learn in a better way. Consequently, teachers seek for different strategies that help them to create the best environment for learning to take place making students feel comfortable and willing to participate in classroom activities so that creativity can be developed and innovation benefits both students and teachers.

Most students come to class with fears and uncertainty. Students fear failing tests, not fitting in with peers, and appearing ignorant in front of their classmates. Being afraid to ask questions, express opinions, or join group discussions can greatly hinder a student’s learning. But we can create an environment that nurtures their confidence and allows them to explore and expand their knowledge without undue risk or fear.

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