viernes, 24 de mayo de 2013

What are the goals of classroom management? What do you think are the most important principles of classroom management?

“The term ‘classroom management’ and ‘discipline’ are often used interchangeably”.

One of the biggest challenges that teachers face is managing a class full of students. It is even worse when students misbehave and the teachers don't have a well-organized plan or are not experienced enough to control the situation; consequently, some difficulties in learning take place.

“Classroom management is teachers’ strategies that create and maintain an orderly learning environment and discipline means teachers’ responses to student’s misbehavior”.

We could say that classroom management is the term educators use to describe methods of preventing misbehavior and dealing with it if it arises. In other words, it is the techniques teachers use to maintain control in the classroom. So, classroom management is those techniques, positive behaviors and activities that the teacher uses to facilitate the learning process and to create a good environment in the classroom.

A well-established classroom is one which contains all the elements and resources that the students need and one in which they can make use of those resources in the best way. Also, the actions that the teacher does should be focused on minimizing disruptions and fostering the learning and a good environment.

The goals of classroom management:

  • To create a good classroom and learning environment

It does not mean to create inert and passive students; it means to motivate students to learn and to get them involved in the classroom activities.

  • To support classroom community

It means that students are allowed to make the connections needed for learning to take place. Students need to feel comfortable to participate in classroom activities and to share their knowledge.

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