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The aim of education is the development and fulfillment of the individual's human potential and the individual's humanity, so teachers not only impart the knowledge but also guide the students to reach their personal goals through empowering their skills and attitudes to face their lives with success.

"Self-fulfillment is the hability to make yourself happy and complete through your own efforts", according to this, self-fulfillment is reached only when we get our main goals by working hard, improving our skills to succeed, unfolding what is strongest or best in oneself, so that it represents the successful culmination of one’s aspirations or po­tentialities.
The purpose of education is the preservation and enhancement of knowledge and the development of character and personality in each student that will best prepare the individual for the conditions to face in the near future, also the purpose of learning is to help the individual grasp and create a self-identity as he or she learns integral facts about the universe and his or her role in it. 

As future teachers we need to know how can we help our students to reach their potential and to help them to succeed in every situation they face. We need to know that we have to challenge them in order to take out all their talents and potentials, but to challenge them doesn't mean to press them; It means making our students think by themselves and perform to the best of their ability because the main purpose of teachers is that their students will be successful in all areas. Teachers must work towards creating an environment that supports students’ hopes and dreams and help them take the necessary steps for a successful future.

In addition, we have to motivate our students to follow their dreams and to teach them that making mistakes is good, because they will learn from it. Also we need to teach them that they don't have to give up and that they have to keep learning and improving to become successful people.

Furthermore, we need to help our students to meet their aspirations, but first they need to set reachable goals, then they have to focus on the things that they want to achieve first, then our job  as teachers is to guide the students so that they could fulfill their needs.

As teachers, we can be a source of inspiration to our students by developing a positive attitude and by creating an optimal learning environment. To inspire can be defined as providing reasons for action. On the basis of their qualities teachers can be a source of inspiration for students because inspiring teachers give students reasons to excel and when students are involved in helping to lead the subject matter, they become excited. Often, they become passionate and expressive in their learning. 


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