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What are the differences between teaching approach, teaching method, teaching technique and teaching strategies?

Teaching is an activity of educating or instructing, imparting knowledge and skills to someone. The person who provides knowledge is called teacher. The teacher uses different methods, approaches and techniques for giving knowledge to his students.

  • Method is an orderly plan for the presentation of language material based on the selected approach.

  • Approach refers to theories about the nature of language and language learning that serves as the source of practices and principles in language teaching.

  • Technique is an implementational strategy or trick used to accomplish and immediate objective. In other words, it is a way of presenting language to students.

Teaching Approaches: is the personal way or philosophy of teaching, the pourpose of education, the roles of the teacher, the students, the administration and the parents.
 Teaching Method: Refers to how you apply your philosophy of education to your everyday teaching. It means if you follow the textbooks and curricula exactly how they are, they way you teach and the things you follow, the procedures you prefer and the things that works for you and your students. 
Teaching Techniques  are the things or tricks that teachers apply in the classroom to get their job done. As we know teachers have a set of systems that they apply when is need. For example if the class is becoming distracted the teacher may use the technique of silent reading or shared reading to try to rope them again. But the teachers may use the activity or  trick that better work for them and their students according to they experience.

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