jueves, 7 de marzo de 2013

Inspire your students

Deciding to become a teacher is a personal decision that involves many aspects of our personality and our skills, because being a teacher is not an easy job, not everyone can be a teacher, you have to posses some special traits like motivation, patience, and another skills that help you through this beautiful profession, because if you love it and if you are passionate about teaching, you will enjoy this profession and you will make your students learn.

I want to be a teacher because I'm pretty sure that I got the potencial and it's what I'm called to do, and basically because teaching is something special and when you teach you have the oportunity to change your students life, and it would be awesome to have the oportunity of being the nurturer of future generations.


The transformational pedagogy is an act of teaching that is designed to change the learner academically, socially, and spiritually, so teaching is not only transfer knowledge to the students but also inspire our students to grow in many ways -academically, socially, and spiritually-, it means that teaching is not just giving a lesson, it's about inspire our students, and concern about them, and their potential, as it's said in the book "Transformational teaching includes a concern for a person’s ultimate welfare and potential, for teaching students as well as subjects."

"A holistic education that comes from the relationship built by sensitive teachers using pedagogy attuned to the academic, social and spiritual needs of learners" It means that teachers have to be sensitive with their students and the situations and problems that they are dealing with, there has to exist a good relationship between teachers and students based on respect, trust, and honesty; so that students will be able to grow in all aspects of their lives.

Acording to this model the feelings and attitudes of the students are a response to the work of the school and teachers to meet the needs that students have in the learning process, it means that the students would react acording to the teachers attitudes towards teaching.
The main goal of theaching is to form students capable of reaching succees, being independent and unique; it would impact a lot in the lives of pre-service and in-service teachers because teachers have to believe in the students' potential. In-service teachers could use this model to improve their classes and the rapport with their students also to reinforse their relationship with the students, because students are the center of teaching. And the pre-service teachers can use this model when they begin their profession, in order to form students with more potential, and with the ability to understand and to respond to their subjects and their situations at school and in their daily life, because what is need is to have teachers that become “transformers.” And transformational teaching is a higher standard for teachers, and it places more demands on learners’ potential. 

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