jueves, 9 de mayo de 2013

List the things you like about working with teenagers. Why? List the things you don't like. Why?

Adolescence is a stage that marks the transition between childhood and adulthood it means that adolescents have many important developmental tasks to achieve because they are in the process of forming their own identity; consequently sometimes it's hard for us to work with them because of their changing personalities and the many different process that they face. Even though these changes and all what it implies working with teenagers, it is an amazing job and it has become one of the most wonderful experiences that I have had. Even if sometimes working with teens gets hard for me because I tend to behave like a teenager, but I know I have to behave like a grown up and I do my best to do it.

What I like about working with teenagers:

1. Their energy. They are so energetic and they always want to participate and do the classroom activities that I assign.

2. I feel identified with them. I share some ideas, thoughts and behavior traits with them that make me feel comfortable and good teaching them.

3. They make me smile. They are so ingenious and they always say jokes or things that make me laugh.

4. They are curious. They are always asking questions and wanting to know more; they love to explore and try new things.

5. They are unique. Each of them is different and unique in a kind, so I have the amazing opportunity of discovering the personality of each teen.

6. They are self-conscious. They know what they are and what they want.

7. They are very creative. They always have plans and ideas that we can apply in the classroom.

What I don't like about working with teenagers:

1. Some of my students talk a lot during the class and I have to be asking them to be quiet and to pay attention.

2. Some of them are insecure. They doubt too much about their strengths and their potential.

3. Some students are irresponsible. They don't take learning seriously.

4. Bad judgment. Some of them don't know how to differentiate what is good or bad for them.

5. They prefer to do things on they own. Sometimes they don't like to do team work and they prefer to work alone.

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