viernes, 3 de mayo de 2013

What can the World Wide Web offer ESL/EFL teachers?

The World Wide Web consists of all the public websites connected to the Internet worldwide. The quickly growth of the WWW and the internet helps a lot to make widespread communication and to make the information spreads faster than ever before; furthermore, it helps to make computer based instruction easy and the fact that the Internet possesses the potential to retrieve and provide almost unlimited information very fast has made it to be a great tool in ESL classrooms.

The World Wide Web offers a lot of information, resources and materials for ESL/EFL teachers and also students. Teachers can take advantage of the compilations of online resources that websites have in order to use them in the classroom and use all these resources as language teaching tools.

Teachers can use websites for practicing language and developing skills because the World Wide Web has a large amount of web pages in which teachers can find very useful information and drills to use in the classroom in a creative and interesting way that make the students want to participate actively in their educational process.

There are many websites that teachers can use to teach grammar, pronunciation, vocabulary, writing, etc. Those websites are very useful because they give valuable information and they serve as practice to the students. Also, teachers can use the different resources that internet has like videos, podcasts, presentations, books, audios, etc.

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