viernes, 17 de mayo de 2013

What are your motives for teaching? What rewards or incentives do you get from teaching? How might your motives interfere with your ability to put the needs of your students ahead of your own?

Teaching is not just a job, it is something that inspires me and it is something that changes my life every day that I do it. I could say that teaching is like a calling that I got because 5 years ago I would never imagine that I would be teaching, but now it has become a reality for me and I enjoy it pretty much not only the act of teaching but also the environment in which I’m involved and the interaction with my students.  One of my biggest motives for teaching is the satisfaction of changing my students' lives and the amazing experience of sharing some knowledge with them because it’s an amazing feeling to know that I am helping someone to be a better person.

It is pretty obvious that when you are a teacher you are going to be paid, but it is just a material reward and it is not a big amount of money. The real reward is the satisfaction that you get from the job for instance things like being a role model and a big influence for the students, being challenged every day, watching kids succeed and become into a member of the society; that kind of things are the ones that make you feel proud about being a teacher.

Those kinds of feelings and rewards sometimes lead you to put the needs of your students before your needs because as you get more involved with the students they become an important part of you and you worry more about them.

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